7 in 1 Chakra Necklace Set

This beautiful necklace set consists of 7 interchangeable chakra and agate pendants and 2 chains. One chain is 16" and one is 26" this means that they can be worn together or the set can be shared.

The set contains 9 parts. I have listed this as "7 in 1", though it is possible to make 14 different necklaces in addition to wearing the chains alone, or choosing various short and long necklace combinations.

The pendants have wide loops which means they could be added to most necklace chains or cords.

Lobster fastening.
Pendant drop: 45-52mm (approx 1 1/2-2")

The stones of the pendants are:
Crown: Purple Amethyst
Third Eye: Indigo Lapis Lazuli
Throat: Light Blue Aquamarine
Heart: Green Quartz
Solar Plexus: Pale Yellow Yellowstone
Sacral: Orange Carnelian
Root: Red Coral

Brand New. Handcrafted.

7 in 1 Chakra Mandala Necklace Set

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  • Length: 16" and 26"

    Materials: Silver Plate, Gemstones, Love and Light.


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