Virgin Mary Necklace

Delightful virgin Mary pendant necklace.
The pendant is double sided and can be worn either way around. On one side it has the Virgin Mary with:

"Regina sine labe originali concepta O.P.N." written around her which means "Queen conceived without original sin" The O.P.N. stands for "ora pro nobis" which means "pray for us" in latin.

On the other side is an "M" with a cross on top and 12 stars around the edge.

The "M" stands for both "Mary" and "Mother". It is at the bottom of the cross as it represents the Virgin standing at the foot of Jesus' cross.
The 12 stars around the cross represent the 12 stars that Mary is seen wearing in revelations:

"I saw a great sign in the heavens: The Lady clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars."

This hangs on a silver plated 18" chain.

Lobster fastening.
Total drop 24mm. (Approx 1 inch)
Brand New. Handmade.


Silver Virgin Mary Necklace

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  • Total drop: 24mm. (Approx 1 inch)

    Materials: Silver, Peace, Love.


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